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I make Websites and Build API's.

  Let me give you a quick intro and my current journey with code.  I was a math teacher for about 7 years before I realized I was missing something in my life and wanted a career change.  Computer Science was my first major in college and the one degree I regretted not completing.  After some research I ended up enrolling in a JavaScript course online and I was completely hooked and then decided to go back to school to join Bloom Institute of Technology  9 month program to restart my career in software development. 

  After completing Microsoft's LEAP Apprenticeship as a Software Engineer I joined a start up that unfortunately failed due to poor leadership. Funds dried up on their end so I decided to start my own ventures.  Currently I am running my web agency known as Maraguz Web Designs as well as my photography blog Lens Hooche Reviews. Now that the pandemic is kind of over im playing softball, getting up the grill or lifting weights.

 To view my projects, click on the links below their images.  All of my projects are on my GitHub account.

  Please find my resume below:

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"Herra" Wedding application

Was team lead for this 8 week graduation project for team "Herra". App developed with JS/React/Redux/Node/Express.


Vue/C# App

Created this app to track my Kamado Joe accessories. Currently a WIP but app works. I will turn from inventory tracking to a review site for KJ items.


MongoDB CRUD App

Had lots of fun creating this app for a CC(2022). Mongoose,MongoDb,Javascript.

C# Back-End


Created this app to connect a C# CRUD back end to a PostgreSQL database.

Let's Connect !!

I am very passionate about software development. If there is a project that may use my skills, weather if its short term or longterm let me know about it. You can contact me below, email or on LinkedIn.